The world is changing and we are helping to transform higher education institutions

We create technological solutions to evaluate, teach, certify and support improvement in the world's universities.

Together with our team of highly trained professionals and a network in 32 countries; we generate technological innovations that transform and enhance higher education in the world. We invite you to know our solutions.

We create solutions tailored to each institution"

We assess

Automated instruments for the evaluation of skills, competencies and much more.

Knowledge transfer

We help automate education and the transfer of knowledge and skills.

International Certifications

We deliver international certifications in transversal areas and professional skills.

Integrations & Management

We help to integrate systems and manage information for continuous improvement.

A team of experts

Committed to your Challenges

More than a supplier, we are strategic partners of higher education institutions. We are committed to your challenges and make them our own.


We have helped higher education institutions around the world to automate their processes, incorporate new technologies and improve institutional management.

Assessment tools100%
Improvement in management88%
Improvement in times100%
Cost improvements72%

Customized solutions

We innovate in technology totally customized to the needs of each university, improving institutional positioning and achieving its goals.

If you don't know how to face a challenge in your higher education institution, let's talk, and let us help you innovate in the solutions you really need.


Students served


Higher education institutions

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Success Cases

In universities of the laureate group, we currently evaluate and certify their professional skills, for more than 50,000 undergraduate students. Impacting your future employability and improving your skills for the challenges of the 21st century.

We have developed from improvements in admission systems, increasing 5% for the annual enrollment in higher education, to support with training modules for students with learning opportunities.

If you have a challenge in your higher education institution, we can help you.

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