In this modality the participants will be part of our line up event, for which they will have a space of 1 hour to present on a topic related to the thematic axis of the event. They will also have a personalized room and the support of our team regarding the use of the streaming platform.


People who join through this modality will have the following benefits:

-Support in the dissemination of the event and your conference. (Sending graphics, copys, email templates, videos and other multimedia materials) Creation of a personalized room.

-Access to a 1-hour exhibition space during the event where, in addition to speaking on a topic related to the main thematic axis.


People who join through this modality must comply with the following responsibilities:

– Sending multimedia material that is requested by our team for the dissemination process of the event.

– If the speaker prefers, he/she must develop his/her own material for his/her presentation and send it to our team so that it can be attached to his/her room.

– Publication in your social networks of the multimedia material sent by our team.